Live Music Saturday Nights at Grinders

We are happy to support live music in the Northwest by having some of the best professional groups come to play for you at Grinders on Saturday nights.  We strongly recommend making reservations, as we are an intimate venue.  Your table will be available for you after 7pm.  Music starts at 8pm and usually runs until 10-10:30pm.  We add a modest $10 cover per person to the final bill at the end of the night to offset the cost of paying these amazing musicians.  Any questions, or if you'd like to make a reservation, please visit our contact page.

If you make a reservation, please attend the performance or let us know in a timely manner you will not be able to attend.  Having a full house is integral to making live music profitable for the venue and the performers.  It is disheartening to have a full reservation night on the books, with a waitlist of music lovers wanting to attend, and only 3/4 of the patrons arrive. 

We want to continue to host live music events.  Please honor your reservation or contact us the day before and we can release the seats to other customers.  Thank you.

Special Sunday Jazz - No Cover

Sunday, December 16th

We are happy to offer the chill and casual sounds of Jazz Island Rewind.  4p to 6p. 

 Drop in, eat, drink and get into the casual funky groove of Jazz Island Rewind.  Reservations accepted but certainly not required.

Jazz Island Rewind is comprised of veteran musician John English and guests.


December 15th - Red House

Red House isn’t just a Blues band. They embrace many of the idioms that sprang from the Blues; R&B, Soul, Funk and even a little Jazz. And each musician brings to the table almost 50 years of experience and expertise. That’s one reason why Red House is the band other bands come to see. In 2017, they released a 4 song EP, titled “Over Yonder”. The cover art is an original painting by Tacoma’s own Little Bill Englehart and the disc is available for purchase—one cover tune and 3 original songs. They are currently back in the studio doing a follow-up full-length CD. If you haven’t heard Red House, check them out. You’ll be glad you did.


December 29th - The Music of Four

STEVE STUSSER — Lead electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, vocals 
BURNIE NITRO — Electric bass, vocals and harmonica

RICK RAVENSCROFT — Acoustic guitar, vocals, songwriter 

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what's behind the special synergy shared by the members of Four. Perhaps it's the strong friendships and shared musical histories. It could be the solid musicianship and common sensibility for rhythm and space. Or maybe it's simply the natural alchemy that occurs when veteran musicans come together to do what they do best. Whatever the case, the union of these extraordinary musicans has given rise to contemporary American roots music that has a touch of twang, a bit of grit, and soul spun melodies that speak to your heart.

Four's sophisticated Americana stylings were developing long before the name came into fashion. Four performs original material, described by Seattle Sound magazine as “A celebration of rock'n'roll songwriting”, as well as songs from those who inspire them: the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Roy Orbison, Mark Knopfler, and Steely Dan, among others. Edgy arrangements of favorite jazz standards (by Dave Brubeck and others) are part of who they are, as well. The band's 2010 CD, The Music of Four, was recorded at the legendary Robert Lang Studios, and produced by former Jason Mraz bassist Ian Sheridan. The Music of Four features pristine 3-part harmonies, Steve's masterful guitar work, and Rick's lyrics that touch on Everyman themes, from love and heartache to disappointment and redemption.

The band's live performances showcase a remarkable ability to create a solid rhythmic foundation, while leaving ample space for exploration and discovery. This speaks to the innate trust among the players and produces a sound that is relaxed, confident, and comfortable.


January 5th - The Daily Flash

In the mid '60s, The Daily Flash found a way to fuse folk, rock, blues, bluegrass and jazz. That process lives on in this stunning line up. The new edition of The Daily Flash has earned a reputation as a dynamic vocal band of consummate instrumentalists. The band features ASCAP composers and does original tunes, but their favorite trick is interpretation. They breathe life into an eclectic repertoire of folk, rock, Celtic and Delta swamp fusion. The Daily Flash brings the spirit of the sixties into the 21st century and delivers to stages all around the Northwest.